Unforgettable door gift ideas you can use for your special event

A door gift is always appreciated by guests, well at least while they are inside the venue. A bad door gift leaves a very bitter taste to the guest. When giving a door gift or any event souvenir for that matter, you want to be sure that they will love it, use it and remember you buy. Especially for corporate events, your generosity could lead to some long lasting partnerships along the corporate ladder. Be it for personal or business purposes, the value of your parting gift will always be quintessential. Here are some amazing things that you can consider for event door gifts.


These are amazing door gifts be it for a wedding shower or a lavish corporate event. While the kind of wine that you choose is very important, you can buy a smaller sized version so that you do not spend a might amount of money. A great way to make it more appealing is to customize the label or maybe even a nice, personalized message attached on the box. In terms of packaging, wines can be craftily covered with colorful silk scarves. This technique is known as Furoshiki. There are tons of online resources on doing the furoshiki style.

An Apple a day

Fruits for souvenirs, aren’t those a bit cheap? No way! This may not be the kind of gift you will give readily for all kinds of events but it is a fantastic parting gift for dinner events or any kind of event that you hold around the house, a country home, a farm event or maybe for events that advocate organic and eco-friendly products. There are online resources that you can find on how to create a decorative apple caramel souvenir. The caramel coating is placed on a small, cute container. You can opt to use a wicker hamper if you want or a nice woven bag in red while the apple of choice is green. It is all about creating a nice eye candy, literally and figuratively.

The spa set

A quintessential door gift especially for women would have to include some spa items. Everybody likes to feel pampered and if you can give them gift options that are very enjoyable and fun, then it would be amazing. Some people like to custom package their gifts but others like to give the guests more freedom on what they want to get. Make sure that the products you are getting are hypoallergenic, mild on the skin, organic and can fit on any skin types. Aromatherapy oils, massage ointments and bath salts as well as organic soaps, shampoos and facial masks are fabulous gifts. Put them on vintage style bottles and canisters and they are perfect treats for guests.

Homemade and personalized

From homemade cookies, muffins and other delicious treats, guests appreciate the effort that you make for them. Put those on a sealed container and add some nice personalized message and they will love it. For corporate events, it can be tough to buy customized gifts but you can opt for items like fancy umbrellas with your logo so that your door gifts look nice and special.

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